‘Exhausted’ dog rescued from England’s highest mountain

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An injured and “exhausted” dog was rescued over the weekend after “refusing to move” from the top of England’s highest mountain – Scafell Peak.

The area is known as one of Europe’s most beautiful places with lush grass hills and lakes, and has become a favorite hiking place and mountain climbing challenge.

According to rescuers from the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team, 13 members and slightly over four hours later, the team climbed towards the Esk House mountain pass and made it to the top of the mountain to rescue the Akita. Rescuers placed the large dog named Rocky, on a stretcher and carried him down the mountain.


The Keswick team met the casualty and owners high up Grains Gill. The casualty was made comfortable in a ‘cas bag’ on the stretcher and sledged/carried back to Seathwaite Farm. Despite being quite a large dog at 33kg it was a joy to carry such a relatively lightweight casualty. The casualty remained cool, calm and positively regal throughout! The casualty and owners were given a lift to Keswick Team Base where other members of their party collected them.

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This was the team’s 42nd mission this year, and it is not the first time they have rescued a dog. Three years ago, they rescued a St. Bernard after she had been showing symptoms of pain in her rear legs and also refused to move.

Rocky, made it down safely. His injured paw has been treated, and he is reported to be doing fine.

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