Elusive white dog that lived with coyotes rescued

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In Henderson, Nevada, an elusive white dog had often been spotted living in the desert with coyotes. At times, that white pooch would wander into the neighborhood of Inspirada with his coyote friends. Yes, the dog appeared to have been part of a pack of coyotes. It is thought the dog may have been abandoned as a puppy and lucked out, when a pack of coyotes accepted him into their pack.

According to Southern Nevada Trapping Team, the dog became known as Ghost, and it is believed he had been with the coyotes for eight months. Whenever anyone tried to capture him, Ghost would disappear – hence his name. It was then that Susan McMullen and her partner Timi Zondiros of the Southern Nevada Trapping Team, were notified that Ghost had been injured and was seen limping. Community residents feared the coyotes could turn on Ghost.

For days Timi and Susan searched the desert and set humane traps. On January 28, Ghost was rescued.

Although Ghost had lived with the coyotes, when caught he was very friendly with humans, however his health had suffered. He showed scars on his face and body – likely the results of fighting. He also had an ear infection, skin problems and a broken toe that needs to be amputated. His x-rays revealed he had eaten rocks because he was hungry.

When rescued, Ghost was intact and had no microchip. The women reached out to social media as well as Pawboost, and no one came forward to claim the dog as their lost pet, that is until the women ran a successful Go Fund Me, and all sorts of individuals suddenly came forward claiming the dog belonged to them.

With inconsistent stories, no vet records and only a photo or two of a similar looking dog (with slightly different markings)…There is no record of this person searching for a lost dog.


Ghost is now at the Animal Foundation based on alleged owners of the dog threatening the dog’s finders. As a result of this interference, authorities have intervened and have suggested the dog’s finders and rescue organization retain the services of a lawyer.

As for Ghost, he warms up quickly to people, loves to be petted and wants to be held. He has not shown any signs of aggression. He is not crate trained nor does he know how to walk on a leash, and he doesn’t sleep at night

He paces; he pants, nighttime is really hard for him.

Susan McMullen

We are asking for your help in raising money for our attorney fees. Most importantly, we want ghost returned to the rescue immediately…We urge you to reach out to us if you have any information or want to help…


For more information, please contact Amor Peludo here.

Amor Peludo has just updated their site stating the following:



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