‘Dark colored coyotes’ roaming in Warwick actually 2 puppies intentionally set free by owners

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In Warwick, Rhode Island, two “dark colored coyotes” that caused quite a stir these last few days in the community spotted roaming around, were actually two playful puppies that had been set free by their owners over the weekend.

According to 10WjarNews, police officers from Warwick spent hours on Thursday chasing the dogs now believed to be wolf-hybrid puppies. The six-month-old dogs named Libby and Bella have since been safely captured and are in the care of the Warwick Animal Shelter.

The drama started earlier in the week when police had been notified by a resident who stated having seen dark-colored “coyotes” running through the neighborhood. The Warwick Police Department posted a warning on their Facebook page:

Police in Warwick

And then the dogs’ original owner stepped forward and explained to the police, these were not coyotes, but playful puppies. The original owner had moved and left the puppies with the residents who still lived at his old home which has been described as in deplorable condition. The house has since been boarded up and condemned by the city. Other animals were found still living in the structure and have been brought to the Warwick Animal Shelter for care.

Andrew Sanville, 32, and Amanda Bray, 29, have since been arrested and charged with intentionally abandoning their dogs. Both have been charged with animal cruelty, abandonment, improper care and failure to vaccinate against rabies.

The dogs will be DNA tested to determine their exact breed since it is illegal to own wolf-hybrids in Rhode Island.

ok…the girls have been captured and are decompressing. They are safe and will be transferred to an appropriate facility/rescue for Hybrids since they are not permitted in RI… and this is probably a good time to say that neither are Bengal Cats. I have been in contact with rescues and will be working out a plan to move them after they are spayed.

Mayor Picozzi

Check out the video:


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