Heartbreaking case of Texas dog shot in the face found scavenging for food to survive

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In the McAllen area of Texas, Good Samaritans discovered Harvey lying on the side of the road. The dog was rushed to the emergency veterinarian hospital where he was administered life-saving treatment. It was then that Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up to help.

Veterinarians treating Harvey believe the dog had been shot in the face, and tragically the deep wound had been left untreated. Since then the injury had become infected, festering, surrounded with maggots and incredibly painful. It is heartbreaking to know that Harvey was likely shot intentionally and left to suffer.

It is now time to help Harvey. The staff has been working on this poor guy removing the maggots, administering pain medication and attempting to control the infection.

Scroll down to see Harvey’s brief video.

Harvey’s story will soon be updated. For now, donations are critically needed.

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