Viral video captures Florida dog owner protecting his dogs against bear on his front porch

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In Daytona Beach, Florida, the owner of three dachshunds fought off a bear that had entered onto his front porch and had his sights set on one of the dogs. Walter Hickox, struggled with the bear on Wednesday evening before he was able to push a wooden bench against the opening to the enclosed area.

All Hickox could think about was protecting his wife and the dogs – fearing the bear could get past him and wind up inside of their home.

His wife called 911.

My husband was just attacked by a bear, who do we get hold of to get this thing removed? He’s [Walter] got puncture wounds and scratches, but not enough for an ambulance or anything.

The video, posted to Tik Tok has garnered millions of views. The family’s Ring doorbell camera recorded the entire encounter. Growling and barking could be heard, and within minutes, Walter could be seen pushing a loveseat in front of the door to the house to keep the bear outside.

Walter escaped with only minor injuries; his three dogs were not injured.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission stated this was the second incident within a week about a bear injuring a human. People are being asked not to leave food around including trash, pet food and bird seed. If your dog gets into a fight with a bear, make lots of noise, a hose to spray water or use bear spray.

Traps have been set for the bear, and if captured will be euthanized.


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