Special needs shelter dog wonders why nobody wants her

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Voorhees, NJ – A special needs shelter dog has been overlooked and passed by for months at the Voorhees Animal Orphanage in New Jersey. Tinkerbell is deaf, which is the likely reason that people have opted to adopt other dogs, but the shelter says that “Tink doesn’t know any different, and we don’t treat her any different.”

On Saturday, the animal welfare agency posted an image of Tinkerbell in her kennel, writing:

As the shelter closes for the night, Tinkerbell gets comfy in her kennel, wondering why she keeps getting overlooked day after day. This beautiful girl has been with us for months, and she is getting tired of shelter life. 


We can say we don’t know why she’s still with us, but it’s clear it’s because she is deaf. 

Imploring people to give her a chance:

Please ask to meet Tinkerbell, because nobody does.

This lovely dog deserves more than life in a kennel run. She deserves someone who will love her and treat her with kindness. She deserves someone who will cuddle her, play with her, and treat her like family. Please help this pup find her person by sharing her adoption information.

Tinkerbell’s adoption profile at this link.

419 Cooper Road
Voorhees, NJ 08043

(856) 627-9111
[email protected]

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