Man jailed after domestic violence call leads to discovery of 150 neglected dogs

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A California man was jailed after a domestic violence call in Modesto led to the discovery of 150 neglected dogs inside of a home on Roselawn Avenue. As reported by ABC 10 News, deputies with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department were called out on April 30 to the home where 38-year-old Nicholas Baugh lived with his mother.

Sergeant Luke Schwartz said that the victim was “injured with a heavy-duty ashtray, burned by a butane torch, and had a shock collar put around her neck.”

While investigating the domestic violence, the deputies discovered 150 neglected Dobermans and French bulldogs at the home; apparently part of an illegal breeding operation. The authorities reported that the dogs had dirty water, appeared to be overheated, and many were living in stacked, filthy cages. The dogs were removed and taken to Stanislaus County Animal Services.

Photos reveal deplorable conditions for the dogs who had been living at the residence.

Baugh was jailed and is now facing charges of domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon, along with 150 counts of animal cruelty, reports Fox 40 News.

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