Last-ditch plea for Snoop, scheduled to be put down on June 17

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A last-ditch plea has been issued on behalf of a shelter dog in Toms River, New Jersey. The dog, named Snoop, is scheduled to be put down on June 17, and according to his advocate, the shelter is adamant that euthanasia will happen.

A social media post for Snoop reads:

He’s a big ol’ lovey goofball with an occasional attitude, good boy manners and awesome happy dance moves. He’s also cursed with allergies, but that doesn’t ever dampen his mood…he’s still the happiest dude in the shelter right now!

According to Snoop’s advocate, the three-year-old dog has been at the shelter for seven months – he lost his home because his owners moved and did not include him in their plans.

Snoop is described as “Very” dog selective and he cannot live with children or cats. Snoop is suffering from a skin infection caused by allergies. The social media post explains further:

He’s developed an advanced skin infection ALL OVER HIS BODY. He is in urgent need of antibiotics for this infection, and a prescribed regimen to tackle his allergies (cytopoint, apoquel, diet etc.) These are typically lifelong treatments, consider monthly payments/vet visits. However that is not every case; Some allergies are just as simple as a diet change, or regularly scheduled baths and dialing in on any environmental triggers.

Time is of the essence for this dog. Please share his information to help save his life. You can learn more by emailing [email protected] or calling 732-347-6465.

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  1. We have had dogs with allergies. It’s no big deal to medicate them.

    We have had furbabies on chemo with special diets and medications (1 furbaby had 14 different medications to be taken at different times of day and night). Again, not a big deal……

    Mind over matter. Those who matter don’t mind. Those who mind don’t matter……


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