Heartless human threw puppies away in Scranton dumpster

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In Scranton, Pennsylvania, an investigation is underway after two puppies were found discarded, as if they were trash, in a dumpster on Wednesday.

According to the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter the puppies were placed in a dumpster behind a bar in the vicinity of Jackson St and Hennessy Court, Scranton.

Ask yourself what kind of “Person” would allow puppies to deteriorate to this emaciated condition, proceed to place them inside an Intex pool bag in 81 degree heat and then toss them into a dumpster like garbage to suffer until death.This cycle was almost complete but thankfully someone with a heart heard their muffled cries.

Facebook Griffin Pond Animal Shelter

Anyone with information that can be helpful in the prosecution of the individuals responsible for this horrific act, please contact:

GPAS 570-586-3700

Scranton Animal Control 570-348-4134 ext. 8217

Please donate to help fund their medical expenses and cost of care.

Follow the National Pet Rescue for the latest news and updates.

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  1. tamara beinlich says:

    The smaller puppy was crated for a long time and has rickets. Looking at her front legs her fetlocks (wrists) she’s nearly walking on them. I’ve seen this many times when recuing from puppy mills. The fetlocks becomes weak from getting no exercise. If she was here I’d foster her and give her lots of milk and vitamins along with green leafy veggies.


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