Extremely Urgent! 14-year-old dog, who can’t eat or drink, picked up and taken to shelter

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An elderly dog is urgently in need of help in San Antonio, Texas. The 14-year-old yellow Labrador retriever mix, dubbed George, is ailing and desperately needs to be pulled from the shelter facility and taken to a veterinarian.

On Sunday night, an advocate writes of the sad situation:

I’m 14 yrs old and i am a male tan and white Labrador Retriever blend. I am a very sweet, handsome boy! 🐕 i was picked up 1/1/22 and wound up in the San Antonio shelter. I have a very serious problem and can’t eat or drink. 😔 Please help me find a foster and rescue so that this isn’t where it ends for me. 💔 i will happily repay you with unconditional love & kisses! ❤


The shelter can’t do much for me. 😔 i have a huge growth in my mouth that needs immediate attention. i need to get medical care immediately and need a quiet, comfy place to recover. 🙏 The stressful environment in the shelter is not good for my recovery. 🙏 Please find it in your heart to help me… 😔 I am a very loving, sweet boy! ❤ It is horrible not being able to eat or drink. 😔 Please help me! 🙏

Yes, George has a massive growth in his mouth…that isn’t a ball in the photo. And he needs much more care than the shelter is able to provide. Please share George’s information as his situation is dire.

Find George’s profile here.

Located At : San Antonio Animal Care Services
Description : I am a neutered male, tan and white Labrador Retriever blend.
Age : The shelter staff think I am about 14 years old.

Location : San Antonio Animal Care Services
Website : sanantonio.gov/animalcare
Address : 4710 State Highway 151
San Antonio, TX 78227

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    They work with Rescues, Vets and Vet Specialists all over the USA and World. They get donations from people for medical care and pet needs. When the dog starts recovery, they and rescues arrange foster care and terminal care if necessary.

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