DNA solves ‘mystery’ of dog or coyote that was rescued by woman

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Thanks to DNA testing, the mystery of whether an animal who was rescued from the cold in Pennsylvania, was a dog or coyote, has been answered. In January, Christina Eyth noticed a “dog” outside who was scared and cold, and she knew that it needed help. When Eyth got close to the animal, she could see that it actually was not her neighbor’s dog, but realized that the canine still needed help, so she brought it into her basement to keep it warm.

The animal was in such poor health that it was difficult to know if he was a coyote or a dog. After being transferred to Wildlife Works Inc., a DNA sample was obtained and this week, the results came back – the animal was a coyote. On Monday, Wildlife Works updated curious Facebook followers:

Wildlife Works-Mount Pleasant

The results are in! Our “mystery animal” DNA sample came back, 100% coyote!
Thank you again to everyone who has supported us and followed this story. We are so thankful!

In late January, the coyote busted out of his cage, destroyed a room, and trashed a window to escape from the wildlife rehab facility. He hasn’t been seen since.

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  1. I hope he’s doing better and fully recovers from his mange (looked very scary and painful)…….

    I would hate to think of him dying alone and scared…..

  2. Looks like I just won a free dinner, I’ll take a pizza with everything on it! After living in the AZ desert for 23 years I knew it was a coyote. The eyes gave it away along with the nose and legs. I hope the poor thing got enough meds to put it on the road to recovery.


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