Cruel man shot and killed child’s dog as he walked back to her

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A Washington man is facing a charge of felony animal cruelty for fatally shooting a dog who had gotten loose from a child who was walking him on Wednesday, January 12. According to multiple sources, an 11-year-old girl was walking her dog, Tyson, when she tripped and lost control of the leash. Her dog, a boxer, ran towards Curtis Madden’s Labrador retriever, Max.

As the girl called for Tyson to come back to her, Madden pulled a gun and shot the dog. Tyson was “whining and limping” while circling the girl when Madden fired again, killing the five-year-old dog, reports the Seattle Times.

According to a Des Moines Police report, Madden was just eight feet away from the girl when he opened fire, and the child told the authorities that she was afraid she was going to be hit. The child said that she heard Madden say “Die, (expletive) dog,” when he fired the fatal shot, reports KIRO News.

When questioned, Madden did not express remorse for killing the girl’s dog and witnesses said that Tyson never attacked the other dog, and there was “significant” space between them. Madden allegedly boasted about killing the child’s dog after Tyson died.

Madden is due in court on January 27 for charges of animal cruelty in the first degree and reckless endangerment.

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  1. What a POS! That poor little girl will live with that nightmare for the rest of her life. I hope they throw that hateful person in jail and throw away the key. And take his dog away from him, he doesn’t deserve Max!

  2. Totally disgusting POS!!! He has earned himself a reserved space in the hottest part of Hell to burn forever for his cruelty.

    I hope Tyson’s family can get justice for this horrible and unnecessary loss.

    If I were Tyson’s family, I would sue this POS for this awful loss AND for counseling for my daughter (who is probably blaming herself for tripping and losing control over the leash)…,,,,

  3. Take his gun rights and dog rights away. He sounds like he has some sort of brain damage , maybe he was dropped when he was a baby. LOCK HIM UP

  4. Curt Madden works at WestRock Corrugated Box Manufacturers.
    His boss is Glenn Closson, Safety Manager at WestRock. [email protected]
    There are no psych evaluations done on candidates here, particularly Curt. Lots of Proud Boys and Oath Keepers among the people working here, with their anti-gay, anti-democrats, anti-American hate for President Biden and the patriots who like in these United States of America. Curt fits right in with them. I think the only thing Curt regrets about killing a little dog that never posed a problem for him was it wasn’t a little black kid he could murder in his little back, instead.
    Ask Glenn Closson or Rick Morgan why they like hiring dangerous men who like to kill innocent animals who never threatened him. Background checks aren’t performed for psych evaluations. Seems they’ve decided Curt will come back with a gun to shoot those of us he doesn’t like who work at WestRock—especially anyone who doesn’t belong to the Proud Boys or Oath Keepers. Run for cover, non-whites; hide, anyone who is gay or Muslim. They don’t like you, and prefer you’re just…..gone. Kerry on the DRO HAS A VEHICLE COVERED IN DECALS TO LET EVERYONE KNOW WHO HE WORKS WITH—-and what he hates about them. Of course, that would put Glenn and other members of management in an uncomfortable position, since they’re members of those “patriotic” groups, and in employee meeting will discuss who has what gun, and how they’ll have no problem shooting someone.
    It starts with animals.
    It ends with Americans,

    They’ve started with dogs.
    Who’s next?
    One of us at WestWrock?
    Curt Madden will be welcomed back, and the rest of us will be told to not speak of it, to give Curt his ‘safe space’ so he can heal from all the victimization he has received while exercising his second amendment rights.
    Anyone feel like calling WestRock about Curt?
    Or visiting at 5901 Marginal Ave W? Look for the marked office door. Ask for Glenn or Rick.
    Show up in numbers. Big numbers. Bring a strong message: “we’re having none of this. Fix this, and clean house.” Remind them, too, that they make boxes for Amazon. Maybe Amazon would like to know a vendor harbors and protects dog killers.


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