Woman finds her dog alive at her home, even though the house was destroyed by a tornado

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A woman in Mayfield, Kentucky, is still smiling, despite the complete destruction of her home thanks to tornados that tore through the town days ago. Molly Hughes tells WPSD 6 News that she rushed home from work with one thing on her mind after the devastating storm hit – did her dog survive? Against all odds, Sally was still alive. Hughes said:

“I kept thinking ‘I have to get my dog out.’ When I got here, I ran out of my car down the street, and there she was at the front door, wagging her tail. It was like she was saying ‘Mamma, Mamma I’m OK,'”

Hughes, like so many others in her town, has lost her home, but she still has hope for the future. She told the news agency:

“I am smiling because you have to have a good outlook. Even in a natural disaster, it’s an open door to lead to new possibilities.”

The tornados that ripped through this portion of the nation were devastating. As reported by CNN, Dawson Springs in western Kentucky lost an estimated 75 percent of the structures. So far, approximately 100 people, from various states that were slammed by the storm system, are believed to have died.

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