Bonded puppies covered from head to toe in mange found huddled together between cars in Walmart parking lot

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On Sunday, in an East Texas Walmart parking lot someone forgot their puppies. The two abandoned pups were covered from their eyelids to their toes with mange that had already progressed to the extent of severe skin infections. Their delicate skin had cracked and oozed so much, their pain just lifting their legs in an attempt to scratch at the fleas visibly jumping on their tiny bodies, was nothing short of heartbreaking.

The Good Samaritan who found them brought them home to help. The puppies drank two bowls of water, ate some food and took the medicine administered to them. They will be started on antibiotics to help fight their secondary infections.

The only comfort they have is each other. They are inseparable. They are taking a short break to digest their dinner and then baths. They’ll begin a road to recovery no tiny puppy should ever have to travel.”

Facebook Kelly Ogle Scoville

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC has stepped up to help.

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Updates to follow.

(Photos via Facebook Kelly Ogle Scoville and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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