Witnesses saw dog abandoned from car – but now she is safe

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A dog in Adams County, Washington, is safe – despite being betrayed by her owners. According to the Adams County Pet Rescue, the Doberman Pinscher, dubbed Risha, was in a car when the driver stopped, opened the door, and let her out. The person, presumed to be her owner, drove away – leaving her alone.

Despite the cruelty of the incident, the rescue group is grateful that Risha is now safe and out of harm’s way. The group wrote, “It’s one of those things that while it’s maddening another dog was dropped off but on the other hand when you see her condition, it makes us glad that she’s in our care so we can help her find a family that will care for her in the way she should be.”

Risha’s body reveals that her life has been difficult. She is underweight and has bumps and patches of missing hair that were caused by her being forced to lay on a hard surface. Fortunately, those days of hardship are behind her.

The rescue agency writes:

This girl is so sweet and just wonderful to be around, it’s hard to imagine that she just lots and lots of pups (according to the vet) and then they were done with her.

Risha is located in Othello, WA. The rescue phone number is 509-488-5514. Donations can be made at this link.

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