Stray dog’s leg nearly cut off by someone’s failed attempt at grooming

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A stray dog, taken in at the New Albany Floyd County Animal Shelter in Indiana, had widespread mats on his body and injuries from someone’s failed attempt at grooming. The animal welfare agency shared a photo of the Shih Tzu on Tuesday, explaining:

This poor little Shih Tzu came to us yesterday as a stray dog. We have named him Nolan and he could use your help.

Describing his pitiful condition:

Nolan came in extremely matted. It looks like someone tried to groom him and that’s when things went bad. It looks like someone used scissors to try and cut the mats off of him. Unfortunately, they caused much more harm to this sweet little guy and almost cut his leg off.

And a word of warning:

Unless you have professional training, it is so dangerous to use scissors to cut off mats. Luckily, after an emergency visit to the vet it looks like the leg may be saved, but now we are looking at extensive vet care and a long recovery road for little Nolan.

Donations for Nolan’s ongoing veterinary care can be made at the shelter’s Facebook page here.

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  1. Bet it makes your grandparents proud that YOU allowed this poor pup to get so matted it probably couldn’t walk, but THAT wasn’t enough abuse, oh no. YOU “Hitler like THUG” just had to take scissors to him as you callously INJURED him further. THAT still wasn’t ENOUGH for your purely EVIL soul, YOU decided that it would really make him suffer more to just abandoned him with a PARTIALLY SEVERED LEG! Thank God Indiana is a state that will likely try to find out who did this. I pray God’s hand of Healing finds little Nolan with a forever family.

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