Injured dog giving up after interested party failed to show up at shelter – now he is on borrowed time

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An injured dog, who has been held at a busy animal control in California since June, is losing hope. On Monday, his advocate issued a plea on social media, writing:

His eyes speak that his hope is slipping away.
Sadly his interested party never showed up to save him…So now TREVOR is more urgent than ever.
He is a sweet dog to be killed… just because no one could save him in time.

Medical notes describe Trevor’s injury/ailment:

Medical rescue plea for Trevor A5425544 5yr Male white/gry Pitbull 80 lbs. @Downey care center**
Rescue only at this time due to medical condition
Trevor is an approximately 5 year old Staffordshire terrier that presented to the care center with right pelvic limb lameness.
.There is an increased amount of bony growth that can be due to either arthritic changes related to hip dysplasia or neoplasia (osteosarcoma).

Despite his pain, he appears to be a gentle soul:

No assessment can be done at this time due to his condition, he has been very #sweet with staff and shown no signs of aggression.

Time is running out for Trevor and he has lost hope. Please share his adoption information to help save his life!

Petharbor link here.

For more information about this animal, call:
Los Angeles County Animal Control – Downey at (562) 940-6898
Ask for information about animal ID number A5425544

QUESTIONS CAN BE ANSWERED 24/7 AT (562) 940-6898

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