Sheriff’s Office gets homeless man, with Covid, into a hotel, shelter takes in dog – then there is a beautiful reunion

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Before Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana, a homeless man in Plaquemines Parish came down with Covid-19. Deputies with the local sheriff’s office came together to get the man into a hotel room so he could safely quarantine, but accommodations also needed to be made for the man’s dog.

The dog, named Buster, was taken under the wing of the Louisiana SPCA, while the covid-stricken man recuperated. In the interim, the category 4 hurricane rolled in, wreaking havoc on the area and terrifying the animals that didn’t know what to make of the huge storm. The shelter wrote:

Then … Hurricane Ida hit. Buster was terrified and our staff did everything they could to keep him safe and comfortable while staying in contact with his dad every step of the way.

Thankfully, all storms pass. Hurricane Ida moved through the area, and Buster’s dad recovered.

On Sunday, the animal shelter shared Buster’s story, and let everyone know that the pair were reunited. Accompanying the poignant photo were the words that all-involved had hoped to hear.

Yesterday, Buster and his dad were finally reunited!! 

(Image via Louisiana SPCA)

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