Rescue seeks special home for tiny pup who is blind because of a bad breeder

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A non-profit rescue agency is seeking a special home for a puppy who is considered to have special needs. Though the Big Dog Rescue Project normally promotes large-breed dogs, their current quest to find a home involves a tiny puppy aptly named Teacup because of her diminutive size. And this adorable 18-week-old teacup schnauzer/wheaten terrier mix needs a special owner because she can’t see.

The rescue group writes:

Teacup is blind and she is blind because of how she was bred. We got her at 4 weeks when she weighed a pound and had to be bottle fed. She is what one calls a “toy” mixed breed. I loathe this because they are breeding for a tiny size that is not safe or viable

The rescue group explains that Teacup has other health issues thanks to poor breeding:

When we did her spay recently, her bladder and her uterus were adhered and her internal organs are not precisely where they should be. This is ALL because of bad breeding practice.

Teacup is described as a happy, social puppy who should meld easily into most households. But the rescue wants the best of the best for this little girl. They write of the requirements for adoption:

Nicole has cared for this dog since the day she came to us and she has specific requirements. 1) You must have another small dog for her to play with. 2) You must have no dogs over 20 pounds that could squash her. 3) You must have very few steps to get up and down in your house. She can’t manage them. 4) Rock solid fence to keep a tiny blind dog safe. She is fine with cats and with kids.


Nicole will crawl over your application with the proverbial microscope because she has gone to incredible pains to save this dog.

Interested in adopting?

The rescue group explains how to apply to adopt Teacup:

Be prepared. Teacup is in Nashville and can go anywhere we do. Applications can be found at and then adopt and the application. Then email [email protected]. Be prepared to run the gauntlet with her.

Will I still fit on your lap mom?

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