Pet owners who survived Florida condo collapse desperate to find their missing pets

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In Surfside, Florida, pet owners who survived the Champlain Towers South Condo collapse are desperate to find their animal pets still missing in the rubble.

According to the New York Post, some owners lucky enough to have escaped before the collapse, regret not going back into the building to save their pets.  The building only allowed therapy pets, and thus far the emotional support animals have not been found.

At this time, it is not known how many of the residents had pets, but fire rescue crews have not recovered any animals. A Facebook group, Champlain South Surfside Building Collapse, Rescue and Resources has been started to support the residents and families of those impacted – including helping people who have missing animals.

Pet owners need to register their pets as missing.

Susan Alvarez is missing her beloved cat Mia who is a four-year-old ten-pound, gray striped feline.

Another cat who is described as a black and white female named Coco is also missing.

“She and her daughter were rescued, but her cat was not. The good news is that their apartment is still intact and we believe that Coco is inside. The 89 yr old owner and her daughter are distressed but patient. They are most concerned about hoping for their missing neighbors and comforting their surviving neighbors. I know that it brought comfort to them when rescue workers hand-delivered food and water in a cherry picker up to the balcony for Coco—she hadn’t had either in 4 days and the door to the balcony is ajar. I have been assured that as soon as the building is cleared for entry, they will try to #freeCoco.”

A dog who belonged to one of the families reportedly died in the collapse.

For more information or if you have seen any of these pets, contact

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