PSA: What your dog really does during the day means that you CAN keep him

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Shelters across the nation are being inundated with owner surrenders – cats and dogs adopted during the pandemic shut down are finding themselves back at animal shelters as their new owners return to the workplace. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A public service announcement (PSA) is making the rounds this week on social media, and it is worth the read (and please share!):

You can work AND keep your dog 😊
Know what? Dogs sleep 12 to 14 hours a day. Get a camera. Guess what your dog is doing while you’re at work? Sleeping! They’ll sleep with you at night and while you’re at work. So that dog you just “rescued” 6 months ago while you were teleworking and now you want to get rid of because you have to go to work – great news! You don’t need to. He’ll sleep while you’re gone and be ready to play when you get home. But he deserves someone who is home with him? Wait, you mean someone who doesn’t work? Guess what? Most people have someone in the household that works! He loves you and he’s fine with you earning money to feed him.
Carry on. Go to work. Keep your dog.
Even better – get him a friend and they can nap together.
By Jenny Guidry

(Stock image via Pixabay free images)

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