Old man ‘Scooby’ has been waiting over a year for someone to love him

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An “old man” named Scooby has been waiting for far too long for a home of his own. On Monday, Alive Rescue posted a poignant image of the 12-year-old dog, writing:

1 year.
12 months.
365 days.
8,760 hours.
525,600 minutes.

As of today, that’s how long Scooby has been waiting for his forever home. In honor of his one year anniversary with ALIVE Rescue, let’s do something special for him.

Scooby’s adoption fee has been sponsored – what he needs is for everyone to share his information to help him be seen, and hopefully adopted. Scooby has waited long enough, please help him find a family to spend the remainder of his life with.

Find his rescue agency’s Facebook page here.

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