More than 75,000 reports related to popular flea collar Seresto

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The Environmental Protection Agency has received more than 75,000 reports related to the popular flea collar Seresto; including 907 involving harm to humans.

According to documents from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Seresto has been linked to 1,700 pet deaths, tens of thousands of injured animals and hundreds of humans. The EPA, however has not warned the public of the documented results.

Public records requests from the Center for Biological Diversity provided the documents to the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting. Since the Seresto flea and tick collars came on the market in 2012, the EPA received 1,698 related pet deaths. Since June 2020, more than 75,000 incident reports have been received relating to the collars.

The collars are designed to work for eight-months and contain two pesticides – imidacloprid and flumethrin – the first being an insecticide used on crops despite being connected to the massive deaths of bees and butterflies. The pesticide is banned in the European Union for outdoor use, but allowed to be in pet collars.

Seresto is the top-selling flea collar on Amazon who has also received numerous complaints reporting skin rashes on their pets to serious neurological issues. Still USA Today, reports the collars continue to be marketed and the EPA, in an emailed statement, contend that the two pesticides “have been found eligible for continued registration.”

“No pesticide is completely safe without harm, but EPA ensures that there are measures on the product label that reduce risk. The product label is the law, and applications must follow label directions. Some pets, however, like some humans, are more sensitive than others and may experience adverse symptoms after treatment.”

Another flea treatment with the active pesticide ingredient tetrachlorvinphos, continues to be sold under the brand name Hartz Ultraguard, Hartz InControl and Longlife. The number of incidents reported with this collar however pales as compared to Seresto complaints.

A spokesperson for the company stated that global data shows 1 in 568 users of Seresto have an incident, and that the majority of the incidents were non-serious. In addition, the report doesn’t necessarily mean the product caused the problem.

Other flea and tick collars currently approved under names Bio Spot, Scratex Color, Zodiac, Sergeant’s Dual Actions and Sentry Dual Action have been linked to pesticides causing cancer and brain development problems. These chemicals could cause a risk to children and adults who interact with their pets wearing the collars.

Ron Packard’s two previously healthy dogs died, and he strongly suspects the flea collars. A Facebook page BAYER ELANCO SERESTO COLLARS OF DEATH covers the experiences of other dog owners.

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