Mail carrier charged after running over family’s dog and leaving without telling anyone

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A mail carrier in Maryville, Tennessee, is facing a charge of animal cruelty after running over a family’s dog and failing to tell anyone about it. According to WATE News, Randy Garner was in a postal van when he ran over the Putnam family’s year old dog, Stormi. Surveillance video shows Garner strike the dog with the van, and then deliver mail to the family before driving away.

Autumn Putnam tells the news agency that her dog was bloodied, and had missing fur, when they found her. She said:

“Initially I thought she was shot in the head because there was just a hole in her head,”


“You could tell she had been dragged.”

The Australian shepherd was taken to a veterinarian for treatment, and the Putnams went to the authorities after viewing their surveillance footage which showed what happened. When questioned, Garner admitted that he felt a “bump” that day and that he “panicked” before driving away. He tried to claim that he didn’t go to the house because there were no cars in the driveway, but the video footage shows cars parked at the residence.

Autumn wishes that the postal carrier would have notified them after hitting Stormi, and claims that the man still hasn’t reached out to them with an apology. She said:

“It’s just really bothersome because had he had stopped and knocked on the door, my son wouldn’t have had to witness it, we wouldn’t have had to be surprised. She wouldn’t have suffered for 45 minutes out here by herself just bleeding out of her head, her mouth, her nose, everywhere.”

Stormi has been treated for her injuries and she is expected to recover. Garner is due in Blount County General Sessions Court on May 28.

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