Jake Owen mourns unexpected death of his German shepherd, Slash

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Country music singer Jake Owen is mourning the sudden and unexpected loss of his German shepherd, Slash. Owen posted a photo of his dog to Instagram on Sunday, explaining what happened:

I lost one of my best friends last night unexpectedly.. the drs said his stomach had “flipped” and even with emergency surgery, it wasn’t enough to save him…I didn’t even make it home in time to say goodbye.

Describing Slash’s sweet demeanor:

Slash was my youngest German Shepherd and the sweetest most loving dog I’ve ever had. He was more like a human than a dog. While my other pups would run free across the farm, Slash just wanted to be by my side.

With a request for everyone to “go love on” their dogs.

Losing a dog is like losing a family member. It was hard for me to even put this post together and share. Go love on your family. Go love on your dogs. See ya up there in Slashy. Love ya buddy. 😢

Slash died of a condition that is relatively common in German shepherds, and other deep-chested breeds. Bloat, or gastric torsion, happens when a dog’s stomach fills with gas, fluid or food, and then flips. Even with surgery, many dogs pass away. Read more about bloat at this link.

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