Missing cat Binx from Surfside condo collapse determined to be found

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A Florida task force rescuer from Orlando, who went to the Champlain Towers South to help find survivors, likely participated in a miracle when a missing black cat was found to have somehow escaped from the ninth-floor of the collapsed building.

According to the rescue organization, The Kitty Campus, Andy Johnson had shared a story of Binx with his wife – a cat who had been constantly visiting Johnson and keeping him company.

The story begins:

“At the time no one knew this kitty was a survivor. There are hundreds of community cats in the area surrounding Champlain towers which Kitty Campus helps care for. However this friendly black cat refused to be ignored and made his presence known. He would even sit in Andy’s chair and wait for him while he went back to work searching for victims. Even when he would come back after his long shift the cat would come running, jump in his lap and help ease the burden of what he witnessed. The first responders fed the kitty and enjoyed his visits.”

When another first responder worker captured a photo of the cat and started to network him on social media, it wasn’t long before the kitty would be identified as Binx; finally making his way back to the survivors in his family.

Binx may have used up one or two of his nine lives, but he has given comfort and hope to a suffering community. Many thanks to Miranda (who captured that important photo of Binx) and Andy Johnson for all that they have done for everyone. Of course, Binx gets an “attaboy” for his feline persistence. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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