Dog recovering after someone beat him and dumped him with other deceased animals found in trash bags

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A dog is on the road to recovery after someone beat him and abandoned him with other dead animals who had been stuffed inside of trash bags and dumped. The horrifying situation was discovered in Cleveland, Texas, earlier this week. ThisIsHouston posted images of the rescued dog, and recounted the sad scene:

Beaten so hard his eye popped out. Dumped in a ditch along with trash bags filled with deceased dogs and chickens. Left to suffer in excruciating pain; so painful he couldn’t even move or seek help.

The injured dog, dubbed Joey, was taken to a veterinarian for an exam. ThisIsHouston shared what the veterinarian found:

The vet also believes he was beaten on the head. The left side of his face is swollen and the left eye will need to be removed. In addition to this, they think maybe he has a facial fracture. They will take x-rays of his skull to confirm and have placed him on IV fluids, antibiotics and pain meds.
He’s made it this far, miraculously, and we will give him every possible chance to make a full recovery, as we do with every other dog we intake.

Despite the horror he has managed to survive, Joey still welcomes the touch of a kind hand. His rescuers write:

Although he is very scared, he’s still so accepting of the love. We met him today and our hearts just broke at the sight of him. His story is sad, but seeing him in person is a different kind of heartbreak. Once he was done shaking from being so scared, he finally laid down and would lay his head in our palms and just soak up gentle human touch for as long as we’d let him. And that speaks for how forgiving dogs are. We truly can learn a thing or two from dogs.
We got you, Joey. Now and forever ❤️‍🩹

On Wednesday, the rescue said:

The bad memories will slowly fade away and will be replaced with new, happier memories. Soon enough, he won’t even remember the cruelty he endured. One day at a time, Joey ❤️

You can help Joey get all of the veterinary care that he needs to make a full recovery by making a donation.

To help Joey: Call Vergi 24/7 at 713-932-9589 Venmo @ThisIsHoustonCash App $ThisIsHouston Checks: PO Box 2821, Houston, TX 77252

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    It is VERY telling when one can read but a few sentences and be 90% accurate in identifying WHAT STATE a PARTICULAR type of animal TORTURE took place. SHAME on Texas leader’s. God bless these people in DEMON spawned Texas who keep trying to get through to the vile thugs in TEXAS government responsible for ALLOWING these sadistic acts go unabated as THEY hold the POWER to create laws intended to hold these evil pukes accountable. I pray God brings the rescue and this sweet pup the resources needed for Joey’s care and a GREAT new home with FOREVER and LOVING pet parents.


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