Devastating turn – Ohio shelter overrun with surrenders after stellar 2020 adoptions

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2021 has been a sad turnaround from 2020’s stellar adoptions for most shelters across the nation. On Friday, Ohio’s Mahoning County Dog Warden lamented the surrenders which have overrun their shelter facility.

It is loud and stressful for the dogs here. The staff feels defeated yet we knew this was bound to happen. Last year at this time we couldn’t believe how low our intakes on strays were. Owners were also coming to look for their lost dogs more. People were still adopting.
Now people are losing their homes. Others have realized that they don’t have time for their pup. Dogs are running loose at an alarming rate and no one is coming to find them. 99% of our dogs are pit bull mixes. Everyone in the shelter, pound and rescue world seems to be in the same boat. This is devastating.

There are currently 70 dogs at the facility and this shelter is not alone. Similar posts have been made via social media at animal shelters nationwide. People have gone back to work, and apparently in 2020, when they were sheltering at home, they did not see beyond their current situation, and they had no plans in place for when/if they went back to the office.

People commenting on the Facebook post have noted similar situations in other states.

If you are looking for a companion, regardless of where you live, please go visit your local animal shelter or a rescue group. If you aren’t looking to adopt, please consider opening your home to a foster cat or dog.

Find the Mahoning County Dog Warden Facebook page here.

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