Beautiful pup, burned and thrown away, has strong will to survive

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A beautiful pup, burned over much of her body and discarded like unwanted trash, is proving herself to be a survivor. On Tuesday, the Florence Area Humane Society posted images of the burned puppy writing:

Saddened, disgusted, ashamed of how people treat the animals we share this world with. Ember was found today burned & discarded in a ditch, unable to move. This baby is fighting for her life. Please pray for her. Again, we have no words 😞

Despite the odds stacked against her, Ember is defying the odds and showing the world that she wants to live. After the initial Facebook post, the shelter wrote:

Ember wants you to know your prayers are giving her strength! And we’ve never seen such a will to live. She wasn’t expected to survive the night, her body temperature was so low when she got to us. But survive the night she did! She is now eating and we even had a tail wag! She has a long way to go….she’s full of internal parasites which can kill a dog with a compromised immune system. Plus her awful burns will need to heal. And to top it all, she’s malnourished & weak. This sweet baby appears to have survived 4 or 5 days of excruciating pain…our vet believes she was burned days before she was found. Who knows how this little girl suffered 😞.


They probably expected her to die when they threw her into that ditch. Little did her cowardly abuser know, she has more strength and courage in her tiny emaciated body than they could ever dream of having. Show them bad people Ember! 😍😍😍😍 Thank you everybody for your donations and support. All will go to her ongoing medical expenses.

Follow Ember’s progress at this link to her rescuer’s Facebook page.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    South Carolina needs a HUGE reality check brought upon the citizens who do NOT care about this. Hopefully, one will be delivered that LITERALLY SERVES to pull these FREAKS up by the short hairs and takes the lives of those THEY CARE ABOUT. I believe God had it stated as: “eye for an eye”.


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