Couple rescue dog tied to train tracks

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Why would anyone tie a sweet and friendly dog in Enoree, South Carolina to train tracks? Although it is too cruel to even imagine, the Spartanburg County Animal Control is working to find the person responsible for such a heinous act.

According to Channel7News, Dan Winkleman and his wife live nearby, and on Saturday, as Dan was walking down his driveway he heard a dog barking; not just a dog barking because he wanted you to know he’s around or bored, but a frantic type of bark as if he was scared. When Winkleman decided to check it out since mostly woods were behind his home, his search led him to the railroad tracks.

And there was a dog tied to the middle of the tracks, and as Dan approached, he noted it wasn’t that the dog had been stuck, but rather he had intentionally been tied to the tracks by his leash. Someone just left him there to die.

“There’s no mistaking it. The dog did not just get it wound up there. Those were human-tied knots. And I tried to untie it, but they were pulled so tight that I couldn’t get them undone.”

Dan Winkleman

The Winklemans rescued the dog, but because they already own four dogs were not able to keep this one. Since Monday, the dog has been with Operation Care in York where he will be microchipped and prepared to be ready for adoption.

The rescue group posted the following message:

“Today we took in this sweet boy, we now call Max! A Good Samaritan heard a dog barking behind their house and went to check it out. When they did, they found this sweet boy scared and waiting for someone to help him! HE WAS TIED TO THE RAIL ROAD TRACKS!!! The Samaritan told me after they got him free, about 30 minutes later a train came! This boy was no doubt saved from a horrendous death!

He is just a big goofy and sweet boy who thinks he is a lap baby! He is scared of the little dogs haha. We are already in love with him. I can’t imagine why someone would do something so awful to a poor animal. Whoever did this, just know…you will have to answer to someone one day for your actions! This sweet baby is safe and ready to start his new awesome life! He will be available for adoption as soon as he has had his vet work done! We are currently full but could not turn this sweet boy away!”

If you would like to donate to help cover his vet care, please donate by:

Mail: 2756 Dr. Nichols Rd, York SC 29745Zelle: 8034173650

( Angela) Paypal:

An investigation is moving forward in order to find the responsible person and Animal Control is hoping to find the responsible party soon.

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