Ash, appears to have lived a life of neglect and now he longs for a loving home before it is too late

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A seven-year-old Labrador retriever, dubbed Ash, is hoping for his second chance at life. Despite Ash’s poor body condition, he is still a beautiful boy, albeit being quite obviously rather melancholy.

He is in need of loving care, medicated baths, and high quality food. Before that happens, he needs to be noticed, and rescued or adopted.

Right now, Ash finds himself waiting for the help that he needs at the San Antonio Animal Care Services facility in Texas. According to SAPA Urgents & Adoptables, Ash is in danger of being put down and he needs to be rescued or adopted as soon as possible.

THIS DOG IS IN ACS KENNELS & AT RISK OF BEING KILLED. SHELTER EVALUATES SPACE AT: 9:30 am Mon-Sat, and again at 5 pm Mon-Fri & 3pm Sat. Or at any time as space is needed.

Helping Ash is as simple as sharing his adoption information. You can find Ash’s Petharbor link here.

For more information about this animal, visit:
San Antonio Animal Care Services
Ask for information about animal ID number: A616107

TO ADOPT, FOSTER, OR RESCUE Please Email: [email protected]

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