Central Park ‘Karen’ says life is being destroyed after her video rant to the police

Central park Karen
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Amy Cooper, aka the “Central Park Karen,” tells CNN that her life is being “destroyed” after her seemingly racist rant to the police about Christian Cooper, an African-American bird watcher who asked her to leash her dog at the park on Monday.

Christian Cooper recorded Amy’s frantic 9-1-1 call and the video has since blown up in the media. In the video, Amy Cooper apparently has come unglued by Cooper’s request to leash her Cocker spaniel. She tells the dispatcher that she is scared for her life and for her dog’s life. Amy Cooper has explained that Christian Cooper offered her dog a treat and she didn’t know what was in it.

She tells the news agency that she is sorry, and states that she was scared. She explained:

“When you’re alone in the Ramble, you don’t know what’s happening. It’s not excusable, it’s not defensible.”

Amy Cooper has apologized for her over-reaction. Though the police did not cite her for anything, she is facing severe repercussions, including being put on leave from her position as an insurance investment executive at Franklin Templeton, losing her dog (who she surrendered to Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue), as well as the severe backlash from social media.

Amy Cooper is facing criticism for not only her over-the-top reaction to Christian Cooper, but for her treatment of her dog during the 9-1-1 call. The video shows her pulling her dog up off the ground with the leash and dragging him as he struggles to break free. The rescue group that has taken the dog in has stated that the dog is in good condition.

As for the man who asked Amy Cooper to leash her dog – he has stated that he will accept her apology, telling the news agency:

“if it’s genuine and if she plans on keeping her dog on a leash in the Ramble going forward. Then we have no issues with each other.”

(Screenshot via CNN)

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  1. So yes I have your dog off the leash is against the law will somebody tell me why this man did not just pick up the phone and contact the proper authorities to handle this? Nobody has the right to try to dictate the behavior of another order try to correct the behavior of another! His job was to pick up the damn phone and notify the proper authorities and let them handle it he could’ve gotten self killed and it would’ve been his own damn fault for not minding his own damn business like people are supposed to do. I’m so sorry he’s birdwatching was interrupted but there are plenty of damn birds out here in the world and he could’ve walked another 2030 feet away and prevented this bullshit. A man does not have to make an actual physical threat to be threatening someone’s life with his presence and his damn mouth; He didn’t have any business saying anything to her he could’ve picked up the phone and let the people responsible for upholding the law take care of that situation. You don’t get to start a fucking problem and then cry victim!

    • Get a grip, Tammy (and maybe a spell-checker or just learn to type so you make better sense in your dumb rants). In the case of asking someone to do something as simple as following the rules/laws, any sane civilized person wouldn’t immediately make a 911 call. It would be like someone accidentally bumping into another person and the offended person immediately crying they were assaulted and calling the cops. However, in the case of the freaked-out woman in the video, she should have been arrested, or at least cited, for animal cruelty. The gentleman didn’t even raise his voice during the filmed encounter with the crazy woman. She was off the rails and was the one who appeared to be on the assault, not him. She even lied to the police that he had threatened to harm her and her dog. Nonsense!

      • Sorry, I’m with Tammy. She is clearly a racist but he, as a man, had no right to stop a woman, in an isolated area of a very large park known for high levels of rape, and then tell her he was going to lore her dog. I think she was panicking and completely unaware of what she was doing to her dog because she was scared as hell. I’ve been scared as hell by a man and you are shaking and not able to use good judgement, you eventually calm and think “how do I get out of this”. Yes, she’s wrong but so is he. Men of the world need to recognize that women are not equals and we fear for our safety when alone with strange men who address us and threaten us. Her racism, she has to own that.

  2. I saw the video of this incident and she was lying to the police about what was happening and carrying on like a fool. Her behavior was abhorrent toward Christian Cooper (funny they have the same last name) and dragging her poor dog around by the collar certainly wasn’t called for. She deserves to have her life ruined for such actions, may be next time she will think twice before making a spectacle of herself.

  3. Tammy what on earth are you taking about? The woman was abusive to her pet, breaking a leash law not to mention common courtesy and trying to make racist false accusation against a minority man. Your defensive post seems like you are a friend if the psycho.

  4. It wasn’t seemingly racist. She used her awareness of the police’s threat to black men as a weapon. It was racist abuse. If she felt threatened why not just call the police instead of jumping straight to that abusive perspective?

  5. Not sure why this individual didn’t have her dog leashed. I would always leash my dog just to ensure he does not run away and get hit by a car……

    Many bird watchers are passionate about their interests. Dogs can easily kill or injure birds or destroy ground level nests (good reasons to keep them leashed).

    Clearly this individual should not have any pets if she can’t obey “common sense” rules or treat them well…..


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