Woman arrested, dozens of animals living in squalor

Woman arrested – dozens of cats and dogs found living in squalor

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A 54-year-old Florida woman was arrested after the authorities discovered dozens of neglected cats and dogs living in squalor in her mobile home. According to the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office, Jennifer Ann Dyviniak was taken to jail and she is facing 84 counts of Aggravated Animal Cruelty for the deplorable conditions which were found inside of her residence in the 16400 block of 77th Road.

A total of 50 cats and 34 dogs were found living in deplorable conditions inside of the small mobile home – animal control officers noted that there was a “strong odor of animal urine” emanating from the residence and the animals inside were malnourished and in “declining health.”

Many of the animals from Dyviniak’s house were found to be suffering from various maladies, including Sarcoptic Mange, and secondary skin infections – all of the cats and dogs were seized by Animal Control and are currently being treated by a veterinarian at the Suwannee County Animal Shelter.

(Booking photo via Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office FB page)

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    “Hoarding” is a mental disorder, and most hoarders “really” believe they are helping and rescuing the animals. Most do not intend for the situation to get “out of control.” Fortunately, there is counseling available for hoarders–they will realize that the animals suffer greatly from this addiction.


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