Left on the streets to starve until rescuers reached out to help

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An urgent post with heartbreaking photos of a starving dog in Augusta, Georgia on Saturday prompted rescuers to jump quickly into action. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC reached out to help.

Major’s rescue was a combination of multiple volunteers who became the voice for a dog who desperately needed help.

“We put up a post begging for immediate transport to help and wonderful Bonnie Barte replied within seconds offering to drive 1.5hours back to help save his life. She was already on the interstate when she called to offer and got there quicker than we could have hoped for,” animal advocate Nikki Sauer posted on her Facebook.

“Once arriving Bonnie literally became Major’s voice, calling the local police to help spring Major from the shelter after employees had already left for the day, not concerned about Major’s health or life, because ‘they get dogs in like this all the time and they will have someone there to feed him over the weekend.'”

But no one gave up and Bonnie insisted Major be released from the shelter for life-saving medical treatment. Once he was freed and transported to the veterinary hospital in South Carolina he was administered a blood transfusion. He was also having liver issues and was already jaundiced and appeared to have been hit by a car or at least dragged – his road rash covered his legs and his abdomen including a toe nail ripped away from his badly infected paw.

Major is also suspected of having a tick borne illness, is emaciated and will need a lot of care.

“The whole time we were working on this gentle giant he was looking at us with his big sweet eyes just thanking us for the love and big comfy blankets…,” Nikki continued.

Major will continue his long road to recovery with Rescue Dogs Rock NYC who will make sure this dog has everything he needs for the rest of his life. This dog has no idea how lucky he is – but volunteers assure everyone reading about his plight, he is “beyond grateful and ready to fight for his life with all of us by his side.”

Updates to follow.

(Photos via Facebook Nikki Sauer)

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