Prominent breeders identified and charged after nearly 200 dogs found in squalor

Nearly 200 dogs from breeder home
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Prominent dog breeders have been identified and charged after nearly 200 dogs were rescued from squalor at their Hunterdon County, New Jersey home. As reported by Fox News, the couple facing charges are identified as 66-year-old Martin Strozeski and 70-year-old Marcia Knoster. Knoster and Strozeski operated the Rocky Ridge Russells kennel.

In the past, Knoster bred a champion Parson Russell Terrier who won best in breed at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, reports My Central Jersey. The couple has stated that things “got out of hand” and insists that reports of the dogs being in poor condition were “exaggerated.”

A total of 188 dogs were rescued from the couple’s property earlier this month.  Dead dogs, and dogs with medical conditions, were discovered on the property which has been described as squalid.

The Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office has stated that Strozeski and Knoster and charged with failing to provide necessary care to 22 dogs, resulting in their deaths and not providing necessary care to 188 dogs, resulting in bodily injury.

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  1. Another example–we OFTEN don’t know what goes on behind closed
    doors–EVIL can lurk within places we least expect!


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