Cat gets stuck in washing machine for full cycle and lives

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In Minnesota, a one-year-old cat got stuck in the family washing machine late last week for a full cycle and lived to tell the tale. Stefani Carroll-Kirchoff always checks the washer and dryer to make sure none of her three cats have climbed inside, but somehow this experience went unchecked.

According to Stefani’s Facebook page, she had stuffed an armful of dirty laundry into the washing machine and just shut the door. She set the machine to wash with warm water and a cold rinse. When the cycle was finished, 35-minutes later, the clothes were still soaking wet. And as she went to close the door of the washing machine again, Stefani gasped when she spotted a white paw sticking out from the soaking pile of laundry.

No one knows how one-year-old Felix managed to get into the machine, but she quickly grabbed him out into her arms and rushed the cat to the Animal Emergency and Referral Center of Minnesota. Initially, Felix had lost his vision and had pneumonia from the water in his lungs, but is doing better.

“He is currently in the emergency vet fighting for his life, a severe concussion, fluid in his lungs, and he’s lost his vision which of the vet said could be temporary but they won’t know for several days if he survives this. I will never forgive myself for this. Please If I can help anyone else through our trauma PLEASE ALWAYS CHECK WASHER & DRYER NUMEROUS TIMES BEFORE YOU CLOSE THAT DOOR. I will never forgive myself. He is the love our lives, our sweet sweet funny Felix we love you more than you could ever know😢

 — feeling heartbroken.”

Felix has continued to improve and is expected to make a full recovery.

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2 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    OMG: one of my biggest fears!!! I have tried to distract with treats whilst I loaded the washer and dryer, worn a neoprene pouch with a furbaby strapped in whilst working and doing laundry, closed doors to ensure that I was isolated, locked up “worst offenders” in a travel crate whilst doing laundry and loading dishes into the dishwasher……

    I check, check and check again…… also place clothes into the machines piece by piece helps……

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    MANY MANY prayers for all! Cats move at lightning speed and are often great at hiding! I would make VERY sure I lknew exactly where the cats were before starting the wash machine. PLEASE keep us posted on how the poor little kitty is doing!


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