Video shows dog being dragged behind vehicle

Video shows dog being dragged behind vehicle

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A disturbing video shows a dog being helplessly dragged behind a vehicle in Memphis, Tennessee. The video has sparked the ire of animal lovers, and captured the interest of the local authorities, who hope to track down the driver.

As reported by WREG News, after viewing the footage, officials with Memphis Animal Services want more information to enable them to investigate. The animal welfare agency told the news agency:

“Unfortunately, at this time there is not enough information for us to identify the driver in order to investigate this matter. If anyone can identify the driver, or has a license plate number, they can contact us.”

The woman who took the video stated that she confronted the woman driving the blue truck and the driver claimed that she didn’t know the dog was tethered behind the vehicle. There is no information about the condition of the dog who was being dragged.

Amazingly, nobody, aside from the person who took the video, contacted the local police, or animal services, to report the incident.

If anyone recognizes the vehicle, they are asked to reach out to Memphis Animal Services at (901)-636-1438 or email

(Screenshot via WREG News)

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