Whale dead from plastic

Another victim – whale died after ingesting huge amount of plastic

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It’s a seemingly never-ending problem…our oceans are polluted with plastic and marine animals are dying. Another whale, found washed up in the Philippines, is dead because of ingested plastic – according to multiple sources, a staggering 88 lbs of plastic bags were found in the young curvier beaked whale’s stomach.

On March 16, D’Bone Collector Museum Inc., created a Facebook post detailing what was discovered in the whale’s body:

The final cause of death is in for the death of the juvenile male curvier beaked whale we recovered March 16 2019. 40 kilos of plastic bags. Including 16 rice sacks. 4 banana plantation style bags and multiple shopping bags. A full list of the plastic items will follow in the next few days.

This whale had the most plastic we have ever seen in a whale. It’s disgusting. Action must be taken by the government against those who continue to treat the waterways and ocean as dumpsters.

Some parts of the world have started to make small steps towards reducing plastic consumption…from banning straws, to eliminating single use plastic bags, but is it enough?

Recently, a new challenge (step aside Tide pods) is garnering attention – a worthwhile challenge that actually helps the environment. The #trashtag is a social media challenge which encourages people to take a photo of an area that is littered with garbage, then clean it up and take a photo of the area without garbage. The photos are then shared on social media outlets with the #trashtag hashtag to help encourage others to take part.

Will you accept the challenge?

(Image via D’Bone Collector Museum Inc FB page)

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Another senseless tragedy caused by brainless heartless humans! Please support the efforts of Change.org, and Oceana, among others, who are fighting this 24/7.


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