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Dog dragged and died in the heat
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On Tuesday, an animal shelter in St. Croix announced its medical team’s undertaking of a complex surgery to remove a massive tumor from a stray dog named Magnolia. The large tumor left Magnolia with no quality of life, including the ability to get around without discomfort.


By Wednesday morning, the animal welfare agency had joyous news to share with Facebook followers – the veterinary team was able to take the 15-pound tumor off of Magnolia’s body!


The shelter writes:

The surgery was a success! She is eating and doing well this morning. She is also walking – without a 15-pound tumor attached to her side, it’s the first time she has been able to walk comfortably in a long time.

Now that the tumor is gone, the shelter has one vital thing that needs to be done for Magnolia…find her a home! You can find more about Magnolia and the rescuers who saved her at this link to Facebook.

Prior article about Magnolia here.

Video of Magnolia post-surgery below:



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