Video of Alec Baldwin ‘rescuing’ a possum in NYC smile worthy

Alec Baldwin’s daughter, Ireland has set the internet on fire with a video showing her dad rescuing a possum. On Instagram, she was able to capture the moment and shared it on Instagram.

The rescue occurred this week in New York City.

“This is so awesome! Love this,” one fan posted.

PETA also shared their appreciation and posted:

“OUR HEARTS! He is an amazing friend to animals! Thank you for capturing this special moment and inspiring people with his compassion!”

Not all good deeds, however go rewarded. There were comments stating the possum didn’t need rescuing and if he wanted to, he could have escaped. And as a followup, the person threw out a few profanities insisting “let nature be.”

Say whatever you want, however it doesn’t hurt to show good will and surely this little creature felt safer and more comfortable in a garden type environment rather than on a windowsill with lots of noise, lots of strangers and lots of ways for him to be harmed.

Good work Alec.

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You know it’s true!!

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