Veterinary team attempting to remove dog's tumor

Veterinary team is attempting to remove huge tumor from stray dog’s body

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A veterinary team is attempting to remove a huge tumor from the body of a stray dog who was picked up several days ago in St. Croix (U.S. Virgin Islands). The dog, dubbed Magnolia, was taken in at the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center, and now the animal welfare agency’s medical team is doing its utmost to help Magnolia have some quality of life.

On Tuesday, the shelter wrote of Magnolia’s condition:

She has a giant tumor protruding from her side – the largest that Dr.Michelle Mehalick has ever seen. X-rays show some hope for this poor girl – there is no sign of metastasis, meaning no evidence that cancer has spread to her organs or elsewhere in her body. But Magnolia’s quality of life right now is zero – she can’t even walk.

And outlined the monumental task which the team is taking on:

It will be a long surgery, because the tumor is so massive. There is a significant risk of blood loss, and other complications. Dr. Mehalick will be assisted by Dr. Springer Browne of the VI Department of Health, which will help to shorten the surgery and reduce the risks.

If Magnolia survives the surgery and her tumor is not benign, she will be in need of a home. The animal shelter has stated that Magnolia is a “friendly, sweet pocket-pit,” who is middle-aged. Please keep her in your thoughts.

Follow Magnolia’s journey at this link to the animal shelter’s Facebook page.


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