Sugar has been forgotten in boarding

Sugar has been forgotten – picked up as a stray, years later she continues to wait in boarding

A dog in Houston, Texas, has been waiting for years for chance at a home. The dog, dubbed Sugar, was found wandering the streets alone back in 2016 when a good Samaritan rescued her – unfortunately, person who found the homeless pup was unable to take her home, so Sugar went to boarding.

And today, she continues to wait. Yes, literally years in boarding, waiting for her chance to be noticed and loved. The Forgotten Pet Advocates have been working to find Sugar a home – so far, to no avail. A post on Sugar’s behalf reads:

 Imagine, seeing animals come and go and no one ever comes for you. When you do finally have a visitor, you are so excited, they think you are too hyper?! Don’t people understand, waiting for so long for someone to pay attention, you would be excited too at first.


This gorgeous girl, loves people and enjoys playing. She will make a great addition to any family ! She is fully vetted and micro-chipped.

This week, a more desperate plea on Sugar’s behalf was posted to Facebook:

Make her your profile photo, share on next door, Instagram, twitter, whatever, someone is out there for her! See a runner and no dog? Let them know about Sugar! Lonely person – no pets – tell them about Sugar! A lonely worker you know – SUGAR!!!


“Sugar” is in a kennel waiting for a home or foster! She has been waiting a long time for her hero! Although she goes to adoptions each week, has had thousands of shares on her photos throughout the years – she waits.

Questions? Please email:

Networking is effective – please do your part to help Sugar go from forgotten to loved by sharing her adoption information. Thank you!

Follow the National Animal News Facebook page for more news, updates and petitions.

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