Injured shepherd with shattered pelvis

Shepherd laying in pool of blood at animal control – now rescue fights to save him

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On Tuesday, a German shepherd was laying in a pool of his own blood at a Texas animal control agency. The dog had been hit by a car, and open-intake animal control agencies do not have the means to provide life saving care.

Before the injured dog was saved, a social media post was made on his behalf:

With blood in his kennel, he is begging for help! He was hit by a car this morning, and is in critical need of medical help before he succumbs to injury!

With traumatized dog lovers begging for him to either receive veterinary care, or be humanely euthanized. Against all odds, this dog is still alive, thanks to individuals with Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue who rushed to pull him from the open-intake facility.

On Tuesday night, the rescue agency updated worried Facebook fans about the injured shepherd:

We finally have an update for you and appreciate your patience with us. We had named this beautiful boy Trooper, only to find out an owner came forward to claim this handsome young man known as Lucky.

Unfortunately for Lucky, luck wasn’t on his side today. His owners were unable to contribute any funds for his care and opted to surrender him to SSR to ensure his needs are met.

And outlining his injuries:

His initial diagnostic and stabilization costs were over $2500. This led to the discovery of a completely shattered pelvis with need for surgical correction. At this time he cannot walk or even stand. He is urinating blood and has a pneumothorax. We are now looking at over $7500 in costs to help this young, beautiful dog walk again. 

The cost to save this dog is staggering, which is why the rescue group has reached out for assistance. The group writes:

 I don’t know how we will come close to raising those funds and this severely limits our ability to pull more dogs. This is why we hesitate to take these cases, though they need us the most.

Find the Facebook page for this rescue group here – donations can be made through the Facebook platform. Or via PayPal here.

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