Puppy lives up to his superhero name

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Thor, a five-month-old husky puppy is definitely living up to his superhero name. He was recently rescued by GTS Husky rescue from the Miami Dade County Shelter in south Florida. Sadly, at only five-months old, he was already an unwanted dog.

According to a specialist, Thor suffers from a spinal condition that prevents him from being able to walk. It was disclosed that Thor was paralyzed since birth, however GTS Husky Rescue is still doing some investigating to confirm this.

When Thor arrived at GTS Husky Rescue, he had a 104-degree fever; reducing that was a priority. He was treated with fluids and medical care until the fever broke. The next step was working on rehabilitation. This means intense rehabilitation for 30+ days to see if his quality of life and mobility can be increased.

According to Dr. Yang at the Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center in Jupiter, Florida, Thor, in true superhero form is already making tremendous progress. A recent update on his progress stated that Thor has made significant improvements in the two weeks during the time he has been treated by Dr. Yang and her staff. When Thor first arrived, he was unable to take even one step forward on his own without falling.

Now, two weeks later Thor has taken several steps on his own. The key to Thor’s success and improvement is keeping his pace slow so that he must think about where to place his feet. Also, improvements to his muscle mass have contributed to his being more stable and mobile. Because he is feeling better physically, his overall mental health seems to be improving as well.  Dr. Yang feels this is mostly due to the quality care Thor is receiving from GTS Husky Rescue.

Since arriving from the Miami-Dade shelter, Thor is more alert and wants to stand and explore his surroundings while at the clinic on his rehabilitation days. Part of Thor’s treatment includes an underwater treadmill session. He has mastered this and has moved up to needing only minimal manual guidance in the water.

Thor is also improving by being able to urinate on his own outside, although he still has a few accidents. It’s amazing that just a short time ago, this 5-month-old puppy was deemed broken, damaged, and unwanted. But through the amazing teamwork of all who recognized that he wasn’t a throw-away but was a life worth saving, Thor has a chance of living a quality life despite his underlying condition.

Everyone in Thor’s village made this happen, from GTS Husky Rescues volunteers, Dr. Yang and her staff, the donors and of course to Thor, who has demonstrated amazing resilience, a real four-legged superhero.

Thor during a rehabilitation session

The long-term goal is to have him improve to the point that he can achieve as much independent mobility as possible.

GTS Husky Rescue nor Dr. Yang is going to give up on Thor. However, the vet is still unsure if Thor will be able to walk again. This cannot be determined until he goes through more extensive rehabilitation.

Thor will need a special home or a medical foster who is willing to change diapers and take on all challenges of having a handicapped puppy. He still has a long road to recovery and more donations are needed urgently.

You can see some of his progress in this video https://www.facebook.com/saltydogpaddle/videos/3001405803207440/

Donations for Thor can be made on the GTS Husky Rescue website https://www.gtshuskyrescue.com/

Or on the Facebook donation page


A Good Samaritan, Dr. Patrick Nolan has offered to match all donations up to $2500 for Thor.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

-Anne Frank

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I wish I was there….. If this furbaby was in CA…… I would foster him or adopt him in a heartbeat…..

    I have extensive experience with caring for disabled humans and animals…… diapers are not a big deal…… get a routine set up and it works well. Have supplies ready to use (“mise en place”) & no problems…… just need to be organized and it all works out well……


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