Pitiful jail sentence for woman who abandoned elderly, blind dog in parking lot

Pitiful jail sentence
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An Ohio woman who was convicted for abandoning her elderly, disabled dog in a Wadsworth Walmart parking lot has been given a pitiful jail sentence. As reported by Fox 8 News, Rita Swartz, who owned the 15-year-old pug named Agnes, will spend just one day in jail for abandoning the dog.

On Tuesday, Swartz was sentenced to 90 days in jail for abandoning the blind, deaf and elderly dog – 89 of those days were suspended. She is prohibited from owning a dog for the next five years and her court fees were waived.

Swartz abandoned her elderly pug in the retail store’s parking lot on November 30. The dog was taken in by the Medina County SPCA and she has since been adopted by her foster family.

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  1. Only one day? Why bother? This kind of sentence is why scum continue to abuse, abandon, and mistreat their pets: because they know nothing will happen to them, and when it does, it will hardly be felt at all.

  2. She must be going to provide Housekeeping Services to the Judge, refreshments, relaxation therapy, !!! I hope this Judge Male, Female or Other is Terrorized by the Media, Citizens, and Animal Adovacates, FROM AROUND the World For WEEKS ><MONTHS AND YEARS and does NOT GET PLACED BACK ON THE BENCH!!!

  3. what the hell is wrong with the law and these dumb judges, poor little pug. that pos should have stayed in jail but in the daytime she should have been let out to go to the nearest shelter and take care of the dogs, then put back in jail at night.

  4. Why was sentence and fine dismissed? We should contact ALDF to follow up. That is not right. At least be forced into dog poop scooping at shelter

  5. I thought Ohio was supposed to have passed harsher animal abuse laws. If this is an example of them they better go back to the drawing board because this is disgusting! 90 days and then suspending 89 of this is a joke! Not owning a dog for 5 years should be for life and then not making her pay the court costs is just a slap on the wrist! Is this what “Goddard’s Law” is all about? Shame on the judge who did this!

  6. Judges are not doing what is right in cases like this. This would may not need jail time, but she should be made to do other type of restitution to make up for the abuse and abandonment to elderly disabled pug. What a witch to do this to her own animal that I suppose at one time she may have cared for.

  7. What a crock of SH*T!
    One effin’ DAY? No fines/fees (waived)????
    And only ONE YEAR before she can abandoned yet another hapless soul?
    Let’s pray SHE dies, before that year is up…
    Screw you, Ohio!

  8. I hope this low life bitch becomes disable and someone throws this scum in the wood left to die. Her day will come. How the hell can you live with yourself abandoning an animal. Now it makes me wonder what kind of life this poor dog had with the POS. Hope she rots.


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