Woman who abandoned elderly, blind and deaf dog in parking lot to be sentenced

Woman sentenced for abandoning elderly dog
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An Ohio woman who abandoned her elderly, blind and deaf dog, will soon be sentenced for her crime. As reported by News 5 Cleveland, the 52-year-old woman who left the pug, named Agnes, in a Wadsworth Walmart parking lot, is scheduled for sentencing on January 30.

The crime

The senior pug, 15 years of age, was abandoned in the retail store’s parking lot on November 30. The dog was taken in by the Medina County SPCA and she has since been adopted by her foster family.

The animal shelter updated Facebook fans about the rescued dog in early January:

Look who stopped by the shelter today to visit – it’s Agnes! You may remember her as “the elderly Pug left in a box in the Walmart parking lot”… Well, now she’s “the elderly Pug in a loving home and part of a family”!

Agnes’ owner reports that she’s doing well! She has her own “safe zone” in the house (because she’s deaf and blind) where she knows where everything is and is at no risk for tripping over or bumping into anything.

(And also because she’s such a good eater, she would eat all the other animals’ food, given the chance! The old girl’s nose still works VERY well!) She does require daily medication and a fair amount of care, so we’re VERY glad that she landed in such a wonderful, loving home!

The charges

The woman’s decision to abandoned her old dog has resulted in a charge which could result in a fine and up to 90 days behind bars.

(Image of Agnes via Medina County SPCA FB page)

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  1. Let’s hope the judge in this case takes animal cruelty seriously and throws the book at her. I can’t think of a punishment that
    would be strong enough for this scumbag.

  2. given a chance I would do the same thing to the pos ex owner, how cruel. so the poor dog is blind and deaf, no big deal. the little one can still get around. glad a nice family got her.

  3. I can’t comprehend how anyone can abandon their dog or any pet!! But I am so happy Agnes was found and has a good 4ever home!! I hope the previous owner is prosecuted 2 the fullest extent!! This will show others that there is consequences when u just dump ur pet!

  4. What is the skanks name? Afraid to publish it because of retribution? Fucking 90 days?!? Seriously 90 days?? I give up. Fuck our justice system.

  5. Give her the MAXIMUM sentence! Then when she gets old, poke her eyes out and put her in a field by herself, see how long she lasts!


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