NFL football player allows himself to be locked in a freezer

NFL football player locks himself in freezer to shed light on plight of chained dogs

A compassionate NFL football player willingly allowed himself to be locked in a freezer to shed light on the plight of dogs who are left chained or penned outdoors. Tyrann Mathieu, a defensive back for the Kansas City Chiefs, only lasted 20 minutes inside of the walk-in freezer – he stated that it was miserably cold, worse than outside practices in the winter.

But Mathieu had a choice – when it became unbearably cold inside of that freezer, he was able to walk out and warm up. He was able to get some water that wasn’t frozen and eat food that wasn’t frozen solid and stuck to a dish. As reported by the Kansas City Star, Mathieu wants everyone to know that dogs should not be left outside to suffer in the cold. He stated:

“Imagine being forced to live outside, chained or caged, 24-7. That is no life for a dog. It’s a life sentence. Bring your dogs inside, treat them like members of your family and report neglect to your authorities immediately.”

Every winter, dogs who are left outside for extended periods of time freeze to death. The ones who survive are subjected to ongoing suffering; unable to escape the bitter elements, unable to find relief. A life on the end of a chain is a life of misery – it is an existence, not living.

Thank you Tyrann Mathieu – thank you for trying to educate the public. No dog should be left to suffer, day in and day out, on the end of a chain or alone in an outdoor pen.

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