Family's dog accidentally put down at veterinary hospital

Family mourns loss of dog, who was accidentally put down at veterinary hospital

A mistake at a Davis County, Utah, veterinary hospital has resulted in the death of one family’s beloved dog. Unbeknownst to the Martinez family, there were two dogs named Ziggy getting surgery, on the same night, at the veterinary hospital.

According to Local 12 News, Andrea Martinez took Ziggy to the veterinary hospital as soon as she noticed that he was having breathing problems. Staff advised her that he would need to undergo surgery – but she never expected the phone call that she received in the early morning hours the next day. Martinez was told that Ziggy was dead, she tells the news agency, “He kept beating around the bush about it, but he was saying it like I should’ve known.”

Further explanation revealed that the other Ziggy’s owner had been called because that dog’s surgery was going to be more expensive than expected and that dog’s owner gave permission for the veterinarian to let the dog go. Martinez explains the information, as she knows it:

They were still in the middle of surgery when they called the other person asking, ‘it’s going to be more expensive, it’s going to be a more extended surgery, do you want to continue it or do you want to let him go?’ They chose to let him go.”

Tragically, the Martinez’s Ziggy was let go during the surgery. The veterinary hospital has apparently expressed remorse over the fatal mistake and the Martinez family was presented with an urn, plaque and Christmas ornament with Ziggy’s paw print, in addition to a waiver of their bill. But Ziggy is still gone.

The name of the veterinary hospital has not been released because News 12 has not yet received the business’ explanation about what happened.

(Screenshot via News 12)

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  1. Larry says:

    My advice to the Martinez family, GET A LAWYER. This is an obvious case of extreme negligence and the vet clinic (and the vet) should PAY big for their stupidity.


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