Last call everything is against Roscoe

Last call – Roscoe has everything going against him

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The last call has been issued for a homeless German shepherd at a busy California animal control agency. The six-year-old dog, dubbed Roscoe, has everything going against him.

The volunteer-run Facebook page, Saving Riverside Shelter Dogs, explained:

LAST CALL! Scheduled for euthanasia. This boy can be euthanized as early as TODAY 3/14/19 @ 5pm! If you can save him contact the shelter immediately!! 🆘🆘 NOW ON THE EUTH LIST! URGENT!
Fearful unsocial, and now sick

With a facility full of dogs, will anyone consider a middle-aged, fearful, unsocialized and sick dog? Does Roscoe have any chance of being saved?

Being locked up in a strange place, away from anything that was ever familiar, is hard on any dog. Imagine that fear and confusion on top of being sick. Imagine not knowing what is to come. Imagine being alone when you need someone the most.

This is Roscoe’s reality.

And nobody knows Roscoe’s history – is he unsocialized and fearful because he lived his life forgotten in someone’s yard? Did he live on the end of a chain? Was he locked away? Nobody knows – all that is known is that he is in need of a miracle to live out the rest of his natural life.

You can give this homeless dog a chance by taking a moment to share this article, with his adoption information.

Petharbor link here.

For more information about this animal, call:
Riverside County Animal Control – City of Fontana at (951) 358-7387
Ask for information about animal ID number A1503771

Rescue department:
Rescue phone: 951-358-7302
Rescue email:
Rescue desk is closed on the weekends

Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the animal control agency. The Pet Rescue Report is not the point of contact for this dog.

Facebook thread here.

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