Dog died at family party

Dog died trying to protect family from shooter

A family in Houston, Texas, is grieving the loss of their dog, who was killed when a man showed up at their home and began shooting. As reported by Click 2 Houston, the horrific scene unfolded at a residence on Davenwood Court in the midst of a birthday party on Sunday night.

When the intruder opened fire, the family dog, Zero, jumped on the man and grabbed his arm – the victims believe that the dog’s actions saved them from being killed, reports ABC 13 News. One of the people at the party told the news agency, “He jumped up to protect us and never showed any fear, even when he was struck.”

When all was said and done, three people were suffering from gunshot wounds and the heroic dog was dead. Police have identified Javian Castaned, an acquaintance of the family, as the primary suspect. He has not been apprehended yet.

Anyone with information about Castaned’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Harris County Precinct 2 Constable’s Office at 713-477-4070.

(screenshots via Click 2 Houston)

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